A healthy and well-functioning bowel is essential for the maintenance of optimal health.

Deep bowel rinsing with colon hydrotherapy, proper food and a little physical activity is the best solution for improving quality of life and for healthy ageing.


It is a deep bowel cleansing treatment that uses 36° C filtered water at a controlled light pressure; it aims at removing the encrusted fecal matter that can’t be eliminated naturally.

The cleaning of the colon causes the body to regenerate cells and consequently heal itself.


Colon hydrotherapy is carried out in an outpatient facility by a practitioner who has checked the patient carefully; the equipment is sterile and all used materials are disposable.

The system comprises of a painless procedure where a very thin speculum is inserted into the rectum.

The speculum contains two channels: one for the water to flow in and the other for the fecal matter to flow out.

During the treatment, the patient lays on a comfortable therapy table and is checked by a team of doctors.

The treatment is gentle and relaxing, lasting about 1 hour and having no side effects.


More than one treatment is needed to properly rinse the colon as the colon is cleaned progressively at every session.

A number of bowel cleansing treatments is needed and it is to be combined with a complete detoxifying treatment to get satisfactory results.


The intestine has the task of absorbing food and while keeping harmful bacteria under control as well as viruses and toxins.

This result is achieved through the immune system where 80% is in the intestine.

Food, drugs, toxic metals, smoke, and a lavish lifestyle cause a proliferation of intestinal bacteria and encrusted fecal matter that progressively poison the whole body.

The specific disorders treated by colon hydrotherapy are the following:

  • Bowel disorders
  • Digestion and liver disorders
  • Vaginal and urinary disorders
  • Skin pathologies
  • Joint disorders
  • Respiratory system disorders
  • Hearing disorders
  • Arthrosis problems
  • Other 

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