Oriental Package

Per person € 145,00

Regenerating the body and the mind. Traditional oriental techniques bring serenity and harmony to the body and the mind.

This Oriental Package includes:

  • 1 Shiatsu-Therapy - This Japanese-treatment involves stretching and a range of pressure applications with the fingers, the entire arm, the palm of the hands, elbows, feet and knees on specific points of the body to reactivate the energy flow and restore balance to the body, obtaining important painkilling effects (55 min.)
  • 1 Plantar reflexology - The energy meridians that cross our body arrive at the feet where each organ mirrors itself. By stimulating the nerve endings on the sole of the foot with manual pressure, all the toxins can be eliminated, the correct circulation of vital energy can be restored and the general balance can be recovered.(55 min.)
  • 1 Thai massage - The Thai massage is based on compression and finger pressure; it sets energy free, favours the elimination of toxins and increases the vascular activity. It is suitable in the event of problems caused by neuralgia, lordosis, and insomnia. A Thai session leaves the body relaxed and a mind clear that’s free from thoughts (25 min.)
  • Bathrobe

Per person € 145,00 (accommodation not included)


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