Thermal Cave

The thermal steam room at the Hotel Terme Augustus in Montegrotto Terme is a place where you can regenerate yourself and get back your balance and psycho-physical wellbeing.

The room is directly connected to a source of high temperature thermal water that saturates the air with steam.

Consequently, this suggestive environment is saturated with humid hot air, which is perfect in dilating blood vessels, relaxing muscles and purifying the skin. This treatment perfectly completes treatment and care packages.

The effect we want to obtain is intense sweating in order to eliminate metabolic waste, detoxify the body, activate blood circulation and tone up the whole body.

The spa room is perfect for treating some respiratory diseases, metabolism disorders, some types of neuro-arthrosis and post-traumatic rehabilitation.

But not only spa treatments!

The steam room is also appreciated for its toning and relaxing properties and it is one of the best solutions for fighting the stress and tension of everyday life; moreover, it is a pleasant way to improve your appearance and be more efficient.

The dilation of the pores caused by heat facilitates the penetration of steam and allows the skin to eliminate impurities and be brighter, softer and more elastic.

Available for all ages, excellent regulator of blood pressure and essential therapeutic instrument to prevent and treat the diseases of the respiratory system.


Hotel Terme Augustus
Viale Stazione 150
35036 Montegrotto Terme (PD) Italy
Phone: +39.049793200
Fax: +39.049793518


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